Terms And Conditions and general event information 
These terms and conditions apply between you, PetLife ‘18 (the "festival") and the PDSA ("we", "us", "our" or "Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals"), the organisers of the one day festival. 
Please read these terms and conditions very carefully, as they affect your legal rights. The following also includes some general information which will assist with your attendance at the PetLife ‘18 festival. 
Your agreement to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions commences on purchase of tickets to the PetLife 18 one day festival.
"Event / Festival" means the one day PetLife ’18 festival taking place on Sunday 6th May 2018. 
"You", "attendee", "the public" or "patron" means any individuals attending the festival and who are not considered to be working as staff or volunteers for the PDSA organisation. 
"Children" means any individuals attending the festival who are aged under 17. All children and young persons under the age of 17 years must be accompanied by an adult of 18 years or over. 
"Site / Venue" means the grounds upon which the festival (including race course, permanent buildings and carparks) occupies at the Cheltenham Race Course for the one day event. 
"Public areas" means areas of the site where access is open to the public including, arena areas, activity zones, mainstage area etc 

Event Opening and access times 
The festival site will be open from 1100 hours on Sunday 6th May until 2300 hours (*subject to performance scheduling). 
Access to the festival site will be permitted only to patrons with appropriate accreditation and or public access passes. 

Tickets and Wristbands 
There are a number of ticket options available for access to the PetLife ’18 festival. Tickets will be issued with accompanying wristbands / passes which must be worn or displayed at all times during your time on site at the venue.  All attendees will be requested to show their tickets / wristbands on arrival to the festival at either of the entry points. 
Replacements will only be issued for lost, stolen or damaged tickets at the discretion of the festival organisers.
Tickets and wristbands are not transferable. 
Re-entry to the site will only be permitted with the appropriate pass out.  
Festival Staff and Security may request to see your wristband at any time. Wristbands that have been tampered with or removed from the wrist will considered invalid.  Individuals found on site without a valid wristband or who refuse to show a wristband upon request from staff will be removed from the site and will not be permitted re-entry.
Wristbands remain the property of PDSA until 2300 hours on Sunday 6th May 2018.  
PDSA is a family friendly festival and so festival patrons are reminded that children will be present in all public areas at all times. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. 
Children under the age of eighteen (17 and under for clarity) must be supervised by their accompanying parent or guardian at all times, 
Lost Children facilities will be available at the festival should patrons become separated from their children, young persons or other vulnerable persons. 

Car parks and parking
Designated car parking areas will be available to all patrons and can be used by anyone attending the festival. All car parks will be part of the existing footprint within Cheltenham Racecourse grounds.
There will be a fee for access which applies to all vehicles entering and re-entering the car parks. 
Details of drop off and collection points will be available on the Getting Here and Travel page. 

Deaf and Disabled Patrons
Facilities will be provided to accommodate Deaf and Disabled Patrons throughout the festival. Details of all such facilities and access provision will be provided on the petlife.org website.

Dogs and Animal Welfare
Only dogs pre-registered at the time of ticket booking are permitted on site.
Dogs must be kept on leads at all times. 
Dog welfare / rest areas will be available at the festival. 
More information regarding dog safety and welfare at the festival is available from our Pet Health Team. 
  • DO NOT bring any pets other than dogs with you to the event. 
  • Dogs will need to be on a lead at all times during the show. Collars should be appropriately fitted and have an ID tag with an up to date contact number. 
  • All Dogs must be microchipped.
  • Owners take full responsibility for their dogs at all times and site
  • It is recommended that dog owners have their pet(s) insured to cover public liability as well as for the care of animals. 
  • Owners must be in control of their dog(s) at all times so please consider this before deciding how many dogs to bring. 
  • Don’t leave your dogs tied up or unattended at any time. 
  • Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs on the show ground. 
  • Please do not bring female dogs in ‘heat’ or ‘in season’ to the event as this may cause problems with other dog visitors. 
Not every dog will enjoy the show so please consider: 
  • the temperament of your dog, before you decide whether your dog will come with you. Shy or anxious dogs may be happier to be left at home with a family member or friend. 
  • there will be many other dogs at the show. Please leave dogs who may be aggressive or reactive to other dogs at home. 
  • the weather may be hot and sunny – Dogs who do not cope well in the heat may not enjoy the event. 
  • there will be children at the event so if your dog isn’t comfortable around children they may be happier to be left alone with a family friend or family member. 
Consider your dog 
  • It can be a long, tiring day for dogs so be sure to give them time to rest during your visit, but be ready to take them home when they have had enough. 
  • Be aware there may be loud music during the show which may frighten some dogs. There will be no fireworks at the event. 
Pet travel
  • Dog(s) should be safely restrained inside your vehicle when travelling to and from the show. 
  • Never leave your dog(s) unattended in a vehicle or caravan. Even warm weather can be fatal within a short period of time. The car parks will be regularly patrolled and anyone leaving a dog in a car will be asked to leave the event. 
Your pets health and wellbeing 
  • Dog owners are responsible for the health and welfare of their dog(s) at all times. 
  • Bring water and a bowl with you. While there will be water provided at stations throughout the show, it is advisable to have water available at all times for your dog(s). 
  • If it does happen to be cold and wet, make sure you have towels to keep them dry and a coat if necessary. 
  • Be aware of food and litter that may be a danger to your dog if eaten. 
  • Dogs with white and/or thin fur may require a sun block – especially on the tips of their ears and noses. 
  • It is a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped. Make sure your details are up to date on the microchip database prior to attending the event. 
  • We recommend all dogs are up-to-date on appropriate vaccinations. Speak to your vet if you are unsure what vaccinations are appropriate for your pet. 
  • PDSA vets and vet nurses will be on site and able to offer veterinary advice and treatment in the event of an emergency. Please make yourself aware of how to gain veterinary help on the way into the show ground.
  • The emergency number will also be printed in the show guide.
Health and Safety
Smoking is not permitted within any indoor structure, bar, activation area, or in any other covered area.
Strobe lighting may be in use at any stage performance area. 
All patrons are required to observe restricted areas and follow the instructions of staff and signage in all public areas. 
In the event of any incident requiring full or partial evacuation of the festival site / venue – you must follow the direction of the safety and security staff. 

Food and Drink 
Patrons are not permitted to bring food or drink purchased away from the festival onto site. There will be a range of food and drink outlets and bars at the festival offering items for sale.  
The bar concessions will operate a Challenge 25 policy on the purchase of alcoholic beverages. Anyone looking under the age of 25 will be requested to provide suitable photographic identification. 

Litter and Waste
You must use the bins provided around the site for all waste. 
Designated bins for dog waste will be situated around the site and must be used by all patrons bringing dogs to the festival. 

Prohibited items
The following list of items are not allowed on to the site including: 
  • Gazebos
  • Chairs 
  • Professional visual or audio recording equipment
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles / drones
  • Kites
  • Sky / ‘Chinese’ lanterns
  • Fireworks / flares / smoke canisters
  • Laser pens or other lasers
  • Food, drink or alcohol (other than what you bring for your own consumption)
  • Animals (apart from pre-registered dogs)
  • Glass 
  • Drugs 
  • Any item or substance that is considered illegal or banned or may be used in an illegal or offensive manner
Any such items must be handed to security staff upon entry or entry will be denied. Items confiscated will not be returned. 

All patrons (including children) may be subject to photography or film and audio recordings ("recordings") by the PDSA, their partners, security staff or police.
Recordings may be used by security staff or police for the safety of all patrons or for crime prevention.
Recordings of you as part of the audience may be used by us for our promotional purposes and no consent from you is required other than by the purchase of your ticket.

Trading is not allowed anywhere on the site or in the car parks with the exception of authorised festival traders and concessions. 

Reservation of rights
Although PDSA makes every effort to avoid such activities, it should be noted that we reserve the following rights: 
  • To change all or any part of the festival as advertised including, but not limited to, services, date and location. In the event that the date or location are changed, tickets will be transferable to the new arrangements.
  • Refunds and cancellations of tickets and booking fees are subject to the terms and conditions of the point of sale.
  • To alter the line up and performance times of any performance area, without notice. We will not be responsible for any loss of money or costs incurred by you if an advertised act does not perform.
  • To refuse admission to any children who are not accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • To refuse admission to or eject from the site without refund any patron who, in the opinion of security staff or the organisers, is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or behaving aggressively to others.
  • To conduct body and/or bag searches of patrons at entrances, while on the site or when leaving the site and to refuse entry to or eject from the site any person who refuses to be searched by security staff.
  • To confiscate any item listed in the prohibited items section and/or refuse entry to or eject from the site any person found to be in possession of such items.

For the general PDSA terms and conditions please visit https://www.pdsa.org.uk/terms-conditions 
The Petlife ‘ 18 terms and conditions are subject to change and amendment at any time at the discrection of the PDSA as the Festival organisers.